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Virginia Beach Roofing Contractor

In this post i will try to telling you of my encounter with a Virginia Beach roofing contractor. I don’t intend to make it this post long, however, i will try to make sure you get the best out of it. This roofing contractor i am talking about is a guy name Mike. What is interesting about Mike’s business is that, from the word go he had identified his niche. There are many areas a roofer can specialized in. Roof repairs, new installations, industrial roofing and many more.

Mike’s main specialty is the roof repair. Many firms spend lots of time and money marking their business. But when i looked at the business of Mike critically, it does not do much in terms of advertising but the little he does counts a lot.

Mike has a simple google my business page. A simple website and a few social properties like Facebook and Manta. A look at his website tells me he is upfront with his potential customers. It does not do things in a fancy way. He says it as it is. Meanwhile his competitors are buying trying to be very sleek. Because he has positioned himself as the best roof repair guy, his business is the first to show up in the search for a repair job in his local area.

This is how google my business page look like

What Are the lessons Here

When you stay focus on your core you can with even if you have the big players around. Secondly, he is very honest with his communication with his potential client. His potential clients are able to tell he is being honest with them and that breeds trust quickly. Thirdly, When he is at work..he does a good job beyond the customers expectation at a reasonable cost.This is a good example in the roofing business.

The roofing business in Virginia Beach has a some good quality roofers and therefore if you are not on top of your game you will see less customers coming through your doors or the little you have acquire with leave.